35 More Websites that Will Pay You to Write: A Must-Read for Writers Looking for Work from Home Jobs with Great Pay

"A really great resource for writers in search of good pay for home-based work."
— KingofHowTo Book Reviews

Get even more. In this sequel to “25 Websites that Will Pay You to Write,” you will find 35 additional websites that will pay you to write articles, blog posts, product descriptions and more.

New to writing? An experienced pro? This honest, informative book will help you take the next step in your work-from-home writing career.


* 35 websites that provide regular work for writers
* Sites that pay up to $1,500 per article, $70 per hour and $1.75 per word
* In-depth overviews providing insight into each opportunity
* Links to the websites, so you can easily apply to work from home jobs that pay weekly via check, PayPal or direct deposit

An ideal resource for:

* Established freelancers who want to earn big by writing for large brands
* Full-time writers in search of regular remote work
* People looking to earn extra income, build a portfolio and establish a writing career
* People with writing skills who want to supplement their income with well-paying part-time work at home jobs

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