50 Real Estate Investing Calculations: Cash Flow, IRR, Value, Profit, Equity, Income, ROI, Depreciation, More

In 2020, Real Estate Investing offers you four huge benefits that other forms of investing do not- Cash Flow, Asset Appreciation, Financial Leverage, and Special Tax Treatment. But your success will depend on how well you estimate these items before you purchase a property, and how well you manage them after you purchase.
A basic rule of Business Management is "In order to manage, you must first measure."
And that’s the purpose of Real Estate Investing Calculations. They are essentially the Rules For Real Estate Investing.
One of the few regrets you will ever express in your Real Estate Investing career is "I wish I’d known that earlier."
This book will also teach you how to create new Calculations that fit your circumstances, and it will teach you what the results mean. It will also benefit your Real Estate Investing career, regardless of where your interest lies. *Negotiating Real Estate. *Rental Property. *Fix and Flip. *Financial Freedom. *Great Deals. *Flipping Houses. *Estimating Rehab Costs. *Investing in Foreclosures. *Buying Without Cash or Credit. *Multi-Family. *Managing Rental Property. *Rehab Investing. *Property Management. *Section 1031 Exchange. *Triple Net Lease. *Delaware Statutory Trust. *Real Estate Exam. *Lease Agreements. *Apartment Rentals. *Self Directed IRA. *Investing. *Lowering Your Taxes. *Business Tax Deductions. *Tax Strategies. *Real Estate Finance. *Money Lending. *Real Estate License. *Due Diligence. *REIT. *NNN. *Real Estate Development. *Mortgage Broker. *Rental Agreements. *Apartment Buildings. *Site Selection. *Loopholes. *Limited Liability Companies. *Limited Partnerships. *Tax Free Income. *Exchanging Properties. Real Estate Investing Calculations cover them all.


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