Building a Love from the Heart: A Historical Western Romance Novel

Even the wildest dreams are worth pursuing…and he has made hers come true.

Cassidy Wilson is a young woman who has survived on her own after the loss of her parents. In her latest job, she finds the pressure of her boss to be tyrannical and makes a run with a stolen horse one night.

Jasper Evers is on his way to fulfill his dreams by owning and working his own piece of land in Montana after his father dies. But he will soon find out that another man is claiming that every piece of land and he will have to fight his way to get it.

When Jasper meets Cassidy on the road, all alone and afraid, he takes her with him, besides what his instincts tell him. As they soon find out, the road to fulfilling their destiny is not one that will be easy to cross. When Cassidy’s past comes back to claim her, and Jasper finds himself in the losing end of a disputing battle, it will be their bond’s strength that will have to conquer all the problems along the way.

But can love triumph when faced with the obstacles they’re facing?

Find out in this tale of lost redemption…

*If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Building a Love from the Heart”!

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