Help… I Have to Work from Home!: A survival kit for working remotely (Schedule Solutions)

Are you one of the many employees or students who suddenly find themselves working from home because of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic?

It can be overwhelming trying to adjust to a new environment… too many interruptions, an inefficient workspace, a lack of daily structure. YOU NEED A SURVIVAL KIT!

When you work from home, your level of productivity directly impacts the amount of time required to complete your duties. Help… I Have to Work from Home distills the principles of increasing your hourly productivity, leading you through three phases in which you will learn to:

1. REFOCUS wasted productivity, using Intensity Scheduling;

2. RECLAIM lost productivity, by tapping into Output Optimizers; and

3. RELEASE hidden productivity, with Holistic Planning.

Implementing the strategies in this book will allow you to achieve a significant increase in your hourly productivity, without decreasing the quality of your work.

You can use this gain to reclaim your 8-hour wokday or even decrease it. As a bonus, Chapter 1 includes a Productiviity Booster and access to free training>/b>, designed to give you instant relief from overwhelming time pressure.

A version of this book designed specifically for freelancers is available under the title Give Yourself a Raise.

Liane R. Grant is an OTTIAQ-certified translator (French-English) with a BA, MA, and PhD in Translation. Liane has always had a knack for finding the most efficient way to accomplish a task with excellence. After leaving her position as a law clerk, two people were required to replace her. She then performed administrative work for several small charities, founded and led a volunteer translation team, and wrote three books, all while completing a ten-year stint at university. Liane’s experience in fulfilling multiple roles has helped her hone her planning and time management skills and develop an efficient system for optimal productivity.


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