Homicide: The View from Inside the Yellow Tape: A True Crime Memoir

"One of the Top True Crime Books" – True Crime Guide.
"One of the Top Ten True Crime Books to Quietly Obsess Over" -The Manual.com
"Top 100 Best Selling Memoirs" – Book Authority

Cloyd Steiger worked the streets of Seattle as a Homicide Detective for 22 years of his 36 year career. During that time he worked some of the most notorious murders in Seattle, from serial murderers, domestic terrorists and psychotic killers. In his true crime memoir, Homicide: The View from Inside the Yellow Tape, he describes some of the most interesting murders he’s worked on. Often shocking, often inane and even funny, it’s a view you won’t see on the evening news. A look inside the yellow tape; inside the interrogation room, where you come face to face with pure evil, and see what it’s like to investigate murder.

"One of the Best Ten True Crime Books Quietly Obsess Over." The Manual. (themanual.com).

"One of the Best True Crime Books": True Crime Round-up. (truecrimeroundup.com).


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