How to Relaunch Your Book: Use this Step-by-Step Proven Program to Bring Your Book Back to Life: (Work from Home Series: Book 7)

Do You Have a Book That Isn’t Selling? Learn How to Bring it Back to Life!!

There’s nothing more exciting than writing and publishing a book, but if you’re like most authors, your book sells for the first couple of months and then quietly and alarmingly sinks to the bottom of Amazon’s rankings. Or maybe your book never saw success. There are thousands of book authors who thought their book would achieve success who are still waiting for those elusive sales. Sadly most authors simply accept that it’s just the way things are.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The truth is, it is possible to relaunch your book months—or even years—after its initial release and see success. 

But a successful book relaunch is more complicated than simply marketing your book again. In fact, to do it successfully, you’ll need to follow the 7-step program outlined in this book. I used my first book, How to Work from Home and Make Money as an example in this book, and brought the two-year-old book to bestselling status. Some of the things we’ll cover are

How to:

  • analyze your book’s position
  • create an improvement roadmap
  • test the existing cover to determine whether or not to design a new one
  • rearrange your book categories using my Lift Off strategy
  • ensure your internal marketing techniques are in place to increase sales of other books in the series
  • use the relaunch to increase the size of your mailing list
  • organize the relaunch so that you don’t experience another quick drop off in sales.

This book not only provides you with a 7-step process, but I’ll also give you an “over the shoulder” view at how I successfully follow the program myself with my own book.

If you have books on Amazon that aren’t selling, you’re leaving money on the table. Why should your only option be to continuously write new books in order to make money on Amazon? The secret is that you can—and should—revive your old books. Won’t you follow along as I show you how to bring your backlist to life and reignite those book sales?

Scroll up and buy the book now so you can relaunch your non-selling book to success!


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