Make Money with Amazon – How to Make $1,000 Per Day on Amazon: How to Become an Amazon Millionaire

NEW Revised Edition – More than 250 5-Star Reviews!

In this groundbreaking, best-selling book, you’ll learn how to start a small Amazon business from your home (or anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection) with VERY little (or even no) money!

How to become an Amazon Millionaire starting with only $100 – and never put another penny "out-of-pocket" into your business! 

But that’s only the beginning. With this latest version of the book, in essence, you’re getting THREE books in one!

I’m the only author to recognize Amazon as the ULTIMATE Home-Based Business that could also be your ULTIMATE Retirement Account Plan and ULTIMATE Get-Out-of-Debt Plan too!

After more than 30 years of evaluating home-based business opportunities, I can honestly say, all things considered, I have never seen a better business opportunity than selling products on Amazon. Nothing compares to it. If this book doesn’t inspire you to start an Amazon business, nothing will! 

•    Have thousands of people (Amazon customers) send you money every month
•    Pay off ALL your debts, including your mortgage, in one lump sum, and live debt-free forever
•    Continue to have customers send you money every month AFTER all your debts are paid
•    Retire with an annual (or monthly) income equal to (or greater than) all your combined debt
•    Where to get FREE (and very low price) training

You’ll learn…

•    The RYP Formula – Where to get ALL the money you need to make millions on Amazon, without ever borrowing a single penny
•    The basics of selling on Amazon for the complete "newbie"
•    How to earn INSANE ROI’s (Returns on Your Investments) that Wall Street, Banks, and other financial institutions envy and would rather you NOT know
•    Finding products to sell on Amazon
•    The “Arbitrage” Method of sourcing products to sell on Amazon
•    The “Private Label” Method of sourcing products to sell on Amazon
•    The Advantages of the Private Label business model
•    The Advantages of the Arbitrage business model
•    The “Holy Grail” for Amazon sellers
•    The ULTIMATE Get-Out-of-Debt Plan
•    The ULTIMATE Retirement Plan
•    Your action steps to get started today
•    How to GUARANTEE your success…and much more!

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