Making Remote Work Work: How To Work Remotely & Build Teams From Anywhere In The World

Making Remote Work Work is a pragmatic, realistic approach to building effective remote teams, and finding your way into a remote role that works for you.

Whether you’re a leader in a company trying to build a remote team, or an individual looking for a remote job, Making Remote Work Work will lay out a blueprint for long-term success using author Gil Gildner’s decades-long experience in remote work, after managing, hiring, starting companies, and working remotely from over 45 countries.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • – how to find & attract remote workers to your team
  • – Best practices for communication and scheduling
  • – The importance of independence and self-driven team members
  • – warning signs and red flags during remote interviews
  • – How to use tools for effective remote work
  • – How to make your resume stand out when you’re looking for a remote job
  • You’ll also learn some common problems that both remote teams and the employees that work within them run into, including:

  • – Time zones and scheduling
  • – Salary discrepancies
  • – Cultural differences within teams
  • – Career networking & advancement
  • – Managing your time
  • About The Author

    Working remotely for over ten years as an employee, freelancer, and eventually a small business owner, Gildner has traveled and worked from over 45 countries. He started in photojournalism for NGOs, which took him from the deserts of northern India to the ebola units of Liberia, worked as a creative director for a luxury airfare company, and then cofounded Discosloth, a digital marketing agency with remote employees in both America and Europe. He is now settled down and works from Northwest Arkansas, where he can fiddle with things in the garage instead of working in his home office.

    Gildner co-authored the Amazon best-selling Becoming A Digital Marketer with his wife, Anya Gildner. He has been featured in Inc Magazine, the New York Times, Arkansas Business, the Washington Post, and more. He blogs at


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