Out Of The Office: Making the transition to working from home (Healthy Happy Homeworking)

Making the transition from a lifetime of office-based work to successful, contented, and productive working from home, isn’t as simple as it sounds – nor as simple as the world needed it to be, in the 2020 global health crisis.

Doing homeworking well requires new skills in any role, from self-management to wrangling new technology and tools.
But the good news is, the collaboration environment has made a decade’s worth of progress in a few short months, and as the world reshapes itself for the new normality, you can choose to carve out a meaningful and productive life of working from home, on your own terms.

In Out Of The Office: Making the transition to working from home, 20 year work-from-home veteran Maya Middlemiss helps you discover the choices and benefits homeworking can bring into your life, whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur, and encourages you to see past the immediate reactive situation and embrace all that working from home has to offer as a long term option that suits you. From finding your first location-independent role to setting up a viable home office whatever your constraints, it’s all here, in the first volume of the Healthy Happy Homeworking series – helping you get organised, stay positive, and develop the right home office routine.

“Having worked from home for the last 15 years, I can honestly say that I wish I had had this guide for all that time. Super useful advice, some of which have even made me change my ways after so long. If you are considering working from home, or you already do, I encourage you to get this guide now, you honestly will not regret it, and will certainly benefit from it. The friendly style of writing means you can devour it all in one sitting, or keep referring to it whenever you need to. This book will have pride of place on my coffee table!”

Rebecca Sian Wey, Account Manager Spain, Channel Factory

“Before this year I would never have considered working from home, and it was a bit chaotic to start with. But now my department is consulting about our long term future arrangements, and I am trying to work out what I really want from my work and personal life going forward – Out Of The Office has been really useful in helping me think about this, and realise I have choices. I think I can see a way to make it work, if not having it all then at least having what I want – not an outcome I expected from 2020.”

Robert K., Essex County Council, UK

Whether you chose to work from home or had it forced upon you, the world of work is changing, and there’s every chance your primary work activity will require new flexibility for the long haul. Preparing yourself for that scenario in emotional, practical, technical and productivity terms, is the best investment you can make right now in future-proofing your career.

This is the guide you need, to successfully navigate the new normality.


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