Pineapple Podcasting: The ultimate beginner’s guide to creating, launching, and monetizing a podcast, with zero experience and a shoestring budget.

Take your podcast idea and turn it into reality. Don’t let a lack of funds or know-how stop you from creating the podcast of your dreams. Pineapple Podcasting takes a bootstrapping approach that absolutely anyone can follow to achieve success.

In Pineapple Podcasting, Samantha shares the exact roadmap she used to go from zero to number one in her podcast category. No matter your background or experience, you can create a podcast that stands out, serves others, and earns you income.

Using her signature interactive style, Samantha teaches how to think and act like a pro podcaster. Through action-prompts, checklists, tutorial videos, easy-to-follow directions, and numerous resources, Samantha holds nothing back. Every person who reads Pineapple Podcasting will leave with all the tools they need to start, grow, and monetize their own podcast––without breaking the bank!

Lessons include: Developing a unique podcast concept. Naming your show. Microphone and tech tips. Interviewing tips. Sound editing for beginners. Submitting your show to iTunes, Spotify, and other destinations. Podcast websites. Monetizing your show. How to launch for long-term success. Plus behind-the-scenes video tutorials.

Breakout podcasting star Samantha Lee Wright doesn’t just love podcasts, she’s devoted to helping anyone create a truly unique and successful podcasts of their own. Pineapple Podcasting isn’t just another "how to book" –– it’s a passionate guide for those ready to take action. It’s written for anyone ready to push past the ordinary and create something extraordinary.


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