The Chic Author: Create your dream career and lifestyle, writing and self-publishing non-fiction books

Perhaps you dream of becoming a writer, of being able to hold in your hands a book with your name on the cover. You want to beautify the world with your words, maybe even being able to quit your job in doing so. Imagine how that would feel, earning your own income by entering your most favourite world – the world of books, words, authors, eBooks, and publishing.

My name is Fiona Ferris, and this was me. But then I took it a step further – I educated myself on being an author, and started self-publishing my books five short years ago. Within two years I became a fully self-supported work-from-home author, and my happy success continues to this day.

I still pinch myself that this is my reality, and I genuinely believe that if I can do it, anyone with a desire to write can do it. In this book I share everything I have learned, along with my best success tips to help you on your author journey.


What’s in The Chic Author?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 How I became a successful author in a few short years
Chapter 2 What to write about?
Chapter 3 Don’t settle for a mediocre life!
Chapter 4 How to find the time to write
Chapter 5 Create a motivating goal for yourself
Chapter 6 My favourite way to structure my writing
Chapter 7 How to write
Chapter 8 How would SHE show up?
Chapter 9 How to get past your fears
Chapter 10 Write fast
Chapter 11 The flow of your book and ‘extras’
Chapter 12 The hidden benefits of exploring your author fantasy
Chapter 13 How to edit your book
Chapter 14 Creating a beautiful cover for your book
Chapter 15 Formatting your book for publication
Chapter 16 Self-publishing or traditional publishing?
Chapter 17 Why I chose Amazon to publish my books
Chapter 18 Pricing your book for success
Chapter 19 How to market your book for free
Chapter 20 How to gain readership for your blog and social media pages
Chapter 21 Just start!
100 Ways to Create Your Dream Life as a Successful Author


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