The Freelancer’s Guide To Upwork: Make More Money, Work From Home or Travel Anywhere

A Six-figure, top-rated freelancer on Upwork shows readers how to work from home, travel full-time and make more money through freelancing with her proven online business strategies.

The tools and tactics outlined in this book are designed to help you quit your 9-5 job, work online and have more freedom. Whether your dream is traveling the world as a digital nomad, creating a home-based job to spend more time with your family or earning a six-figure passive income, let this be your guidebook.

This comprehensive guide to freelancing on Upwork teaches:

How Jennifer started earned $100,000 working a 4-hour workweek in her first year on Upwork
-How to outsource your business to a team of virtual assistants for passive income
-How to analyze and beat your competition
-How to productize your services to make more money in less time
-How to maintain a high job success score and top-rated status to win more jobs

This book is designed to teach readers how to productize and sell their unique skills as freelancers on Upwork so they can make enough money to live and work from anywhere, on their own schedules through profitable online business strategies.

After 4 years of wading through online business models, Jennifer finally found Upwork to be the easiest, fastest way to make a full-time income online.  She has now completed more than fifty freelance projects and is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork with over 1,000 paid hours and a 100% job success rating.
This book covers strategies for any type of freelancer, including:

-freelance photographers & retouchers
-freelance graphic designers
-freelance writers & copywriters
-freelance web & UX designers
-freelance virtual assistants
-freelance consultants
-freelance artists & illustrators
& more!

If you want to learn how to freelance, start an online business, create a home-based job, regain control of your schedule, live a life full of freedom, travel the world as a suitcase entrepreneur or digital nomad or turn your creative passion into a full-time gig, this book has everything you need to start the journey.


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