The Together Work-From-Home Teacher

A powerful and practical mini book JUST FOR TEACHERS to specifically address space, time and task management challenges while teaching-from-home.

Maia Heyck-Merlin has launched a brand new book, specifically designed to help teachers juggle working-teaching-parenting-living at home. It will help teachers reset their workspace, create manageable weekly calendars and To-Do lists, set reasonable boundaries and care for themselves – all while teaching from home. Through photos, artifacts, and quotes—and a nifty reader reflection guide—Maia shares how to:

  • Maximize your space and supplies to work-from-home
  • Set up your week for success by combining time and To-Dos
  • Create a checklist to plan for the week ahead
  • Streamline lesson planning and grading processes
  • Creatively and efficiently keep in touch with students and families
  • Design reasonable boundaries to juggle everything else!

"The Together Work-From-Home Teacher is a must read for all of us trying to stay “together” during a time that is anything but that. This brilliant edition to Maia’s collection of resources shares real examples of teachers juggling the pressures of their own kids and their school kids. I loved her focus on how we need to take care of ourselves as we marshal the energy and time for others. Thank you, Maia, for helping me feel ‘together’."
– Dave Levin, Co-Founder, KIPP

"Who knew we needed this INTENTIONAL & SMART resource during this time? Maia (like Papaya) did! I am so impressed that this text includes the technical aspects of teaching & learning from home (physical & digital space organization) and the adaptive aspects (weekly worksheet, online etiquette, self care). This text pushes the level of professionalism and leadership for my teachers and leaders. Thank you for thinking of educators and how they can take care of themselves at a high level and authentically dive into their craft and be organized, prepared, and effective."
– Erin Nicole Barksdale, Principal, Highland Renaissance Academy

"If you’re one of the four million U.S. educators suddenly teaching from a makeshift desk in your kitchen, studio apartment, or random corner of your home, here comes Maia Heyck-Merlin, a virtual life-saver, with the essential resource – as essential as hand sanitizer and face masks – that shows how to keep yourself and your teaching together at this stressful time. And when shelter-in-place ends, Maia’s adapted manual will work for everyone looking to plan, organize, prioritize, stay sane, and do right by students in an increasingly online world of teaching and learning."

– Norman Atkins, Founder, Uncommon Schools & Relay GSE

"Maia thoughtfully presents solutions to some of the most common issues teachers are facing in 2020. The systems presented in this book support educators in being as successful working from home as they are working in a school building. From ensuring your home doesn’t look like your classroom on nights and weekends, to helping you find time to get everything done from lesson planning to shopping for toilet paper, Maia has you covered. A must-read for all teachers working from home."
– Shawn A. Mangar, Principal, Baychester Middle School


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