Work at Home: The No-Nonsense Guide to Avoiding Scams and Generating Real Income from Anywhere

Work At Home is a no-nonsense guide to launching a work-at-home business by this time next month―even if someone is starting from scratch.

In Work At Home, Caitlin Pyle, an entrepreneur, walks readers through three simple steps to work-at-home or work-from-anywhere freedom. The first step is to break free from the lies about education, money, work, business, and success that keep people from building work-at-home income. The second step is to avoid the scams and identifying the right opportunity. The third step is to launch a work-at-home business. Throughout the book, Caitlin shares the ups and downs of the work-at-home world using the same no-nonsense approach that helped her get featured in publications such as, Business Insider, Fast Company, and more. Work At Home even provides readers with a thirty-day launch plan to help them start earning real work-at-home income by this time next month.


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