Work From Home Success (Amazon FBA): Selling on Amazon FBA

This book is about how to make money from home and success by Amazon FBA

Are you someone who has too much month at the end of their pay-check?

Do you want to a decent side income to boost your day job wages?

Do you want to own and run your own online business?

Would you like to get a rolling start as you leave college and go into the working world?

If you answered YES!!! to any or all of these questions, then you are the right person to make good use of our guide on how to start an FBA business as a side hustle.

Our guide is going to answer some basic, frequently asked questions about FBA businesses so that you will be well informed before you jump in with both feet. Once we’ve got you warmed up, we’ll dive right into seven practical steps that you need to take to start an FBA business. As an added bonus, we will even provide some special tips for growing your FBA business once you’ve gotten it started.

With those objectives in mind, let’s get started by answering some frequently asked questions about FBA businesses.

In this guide I will show you how to:

1. Setup your Amazon account.
2. Pick your product niche.
3. Engage in product research.
4. Establish your product sourcing.
5. Establish your brand.
6. Create your product listings.
7. Advertise your products.

What does FBA Stand for?
For those who are absolutely new to this concept, FBA stands for “fulfilment by Amazon.”

What is an FBA business?
An FBA business is a business model with which you leverage the powerful distribution network and customer base of Amazon. You have probably already made the connection that this in using this business model, Amazon warehouses, fulfils your orders, and also provides customer service to your clients.

Essentially, entrepreneurs, like you, can act like a major corporation, but without the headaches of actually being one. You spend your time searching for profitable products and Amazon handles the rest on your behalf.


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